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Strange strains brand is a creative and development platform with its roots in fashion, arts, and Marketing. Strange strains 420 LLC develops unique characters for NFTs and clothing that can be branded throughout the cannabis dispensaries & Industry

Brand Story

Strange Strains 420 LLC (SS) was created to represent the most refined qualities of marijuana connoisseurs around the world. SS’ mission is to provide quality and personal products and be synonymous with both stylish comfort and innovativeness.


Sell 100,000 t-shirts: 


Strange strains 420 LLC  will be releasing multiple designs doing this campaign!


Go on 2022 spread the love tour.


 Release 14,400 SS NFTs: 


Over the terms of this summer campaign, we will be Releasing 14,400 NFTs valued @ 0.056 ETH. 

All NFTs will come with unlockable content like free T-shirts. 


2000 VIP NFTs 


1,200 seed NFTS valued @1.900 ETH.

The value will grow over time & profit sharing Will be written into the smart contract. At the end of the 100,000 t-shirts campaign, 


800 RARE NFTs.

When we go on tour to all the states that have legalized CBD The dispensaries that want to brand their product line through our brand will birth a rare NFT.


Grow the summer collection:


I am a fashion designer at heart and this is a Clothing Brand our mission for Strange Strains 420 LLC is to represent the most refined qualities of Western 420 connoisseurs around the world. Strange Strains must continue to be synonymous with both elegance and creativity. Our Products, and the cultural values they embody, integrate tradition and innovation and set the flame to dreams and fantasy.


Grow the Strange Strains community to 100,000: 


Is good to have good people who support you and understand what you are about, people like this should be rewarded, to me, they are the fuel that keeps me going. Let me give back and show my gratitude by implementing what we call gratitude Marketing. 


Add value & create a buzz:


I know a lot of people who would love this movement and want to show their support in some shape or fashion. Why not make them brand ambassadors add whatever Value that they offer to their community And simply give it VIP style in tool the Strange strains 420 community?


Launch a YouTube show “Smoke session”.


Strangestrains will be going on a tour to all of the states that have legalized CBD and CHT Products I will be celebrating with you in your State! Strange trains tour spread the love partying with you in your city. 420 Community let’s go!


Find brand ambassadors:


If you have 10,000 followers are greater and you want to be part of this vision great As long as you have 50 images and an idea of the brand




SEO person, Content writer, PR person, dope artist & payroll of $100,000 Quarterly.

At the end of the campaign hire 25 to 40 teammates.



vertically integrate the brand, build a finely tuned machine:

I learned from the best, A business is much like a machine. I will identify all the moving pieces, the row it plays & it’s the importance

Hire Brand Stylist

You want strange strains to brand your Company product line? You can, call/EMAIL  and schedule a time and date to have a smoke session, show me the experience, add to my strange strains collection.

NFT’s & appare Are included.

We do this to: 

Add value 

Create a buzz 

Provide a great experience

To keep adding characters For my collection 

Before I find you.

Personal Strange Strains Stylist

Need a stylus? 

You come to the right place, I custom design for myself all the time, according to the colors that that match my skin & vibe. So quite naturally I can do it for you. 


Strange strains signature line

Drip that matches your frequency


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.